“Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything.”
– Neal Schaffer

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media by itself is just one marketing tactic. But when used strategically within a broader framework, it can turbo-charge your efforts to drive website traffic, leads and ultimately, revenue. Businesses and firms also rely heavily on social media to build and nurture brand awareness and authority.

Your social media challenges – our approach

At Marcum, we will plan and deploy a winning social media campaign for your business or firm just as we would any other marketing tactic—with strategy and precision.

Our social media professionals have deep experience working with clients in many industries to develop social media marketing plans that fit within online goals and objectives. Once a social media plan is finalized, we can work with your employees individually or in groups to ensure that everyone has the necessary skills and direction to make your social media campaign a success.

Social Media Services

Marcum’s social media services include:

  • Social media strategy development
  • Updates to corporate social media sites to best practice standards
  • Ongoing content postings
  • Leveraging of social media pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • LinkedIn training

"How can social media help me grow my business?"

Glad you asked. Consider some of the most popular social media platforms:

LinkedIn – If they haven’t already, have your employees create their own LinkedIn pages. This will enable them to reconnect with past colleagues and college classmates. These rediscovered contacts may be in the market for your products or services or know others that are as well. Also, use LinkedIn advertisements to target and connect with a large audience of active and influential web users. Your business can target specific users by specifying the job titles, industries, ages that fit into your target audience. 

Check out our LinkedIn page to see how we leverage LinkedIn throughout our firm: Marcum LinkedIn.

Twitter – Create an account for your company and “tweet” relevant links to industry articles or your own blogs. This will soon become an easy-to-use resource for your “followers” who may even decide to pass along your advice to their own followers.

Check out our Twitter page to view our tweets and see how we leverage Twitter: @MarcumLLP

Facebook – There are somewhere north of 500 million active users on Facebook. Give your company a chance to connect with those users who might want to purchase your products and services. Create a company Facebook profile to give your company a corporate personality and a place for users to interact with relevant information, invitations and photos of your news, products, services and events. And, use Facebook’s vast database of user information to place targeted advertisements for very specific Facebook users.

Check out a link to our Facebook page to see how we leverage Facebook:

Questions? Bob Goricki, our director of digital marketing, has your answers. Simply give him a call at 440-459-5961 or use the contact form below.


Success Stories

Learn how our strategic approach and implementation has helped these companies build brand awareness and connect marketing to sales.

Social Media

Social Media Brings Together Industry Leaders From Around
the World


Social Media

Social Media Brings Together Industry Leaders From Around
the World

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