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Management Consulting

At Skoda Minotti, we know what it takes to help businesses run efficiently and profitably. Start profiting from our experience and insights today.

What We Do

Beyond traditional accounting services, our staff can provide you with a wide range of business advisory services that can help take your company to the next level.

Whether you are looking for short-term solutions, or assistance in developing long-term business plans, our advisors can help. For example, have you considered performing a cost segregation study on any commercial buildings that your company owns? If not, you may be missing out on significant tax savings.

Business Planning

Writing business plans, identifying sources of capital, assisting with budgeting and much more.

Business Growth Consulting

Meeting diverse business growth needs at every turn with essential business services.

Business Strategy

Helping you grow top-line revenues, innovate new products and services, compete more effectively and win more business.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Mitigating and resolving issues large and small while identifying and addressing risks internal and external to your organization.

Data Analytics

Bringing sense and understanding to raw data, facts and figures—then leveraging it to become smarter at what you do.

Enterprise Transformation

Driving savings and nurturing effective change through innovative and truly sustainable initiatives.

Profit Improvement

Identifying opportunities and deploying strategies to address deficiencies and achieve higher profits.

Industry Benchmarking

Delivering insights about your business and its performance relative to key industry peers.

Succession Planning

Assisting with vital initiatives to help ensure the long-term future of your business.


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