“Treat leads like future customers because that's what they are.”
– Brian Carroll - Author

Lead Generation and Management Services

Connecting marketing to sales is a huge source of frustration for many business owners—especially for those who have invested heavily in developing their brand messaging and have yet to see a return on their investment.

Typically, the disconnect isn’t because the marketing message is off target, but rather because there is no process in place for generating and managing leads from conversion on through closing of the sale. If there is a process in place, more often than not, it’s a mix of manually sorted data combined with inefficient communications. The result? Lost leads and messaging that may eventually be delivered, but will lack the critical timing required between a bottom-funnel request and a sales response. 

Our team of inbound marketing professionals can help with:

  • Aligning content marketing with the buying cycle.
  • Scoring, nurturing and qualifying leads before delivering them to sales.
  • The design, build and ongoing management of email marketing campaigns.
  • Moving your prospects through all the stages of the buying journey (i.e., awareness, information gathering and consideration) until they ultimately become customers.
  • Tweaking activities based on performance and lead responses.
  • Developing an automated Keep in Touch program that will keep top-of-mind awareness for your brand, services and products.
  • Determining ROI so you can understand how each tactic impacts your company’s bottom line.
  • Ensuring a smooth hand off between marketing and sales. 

Questions about Lead Generation and Lead Management? Want to learn more about building a strong brand for your organization? Talk with Bob Goricki, our director of digital marketing. Simply give him a call at 440-459-5961 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 


Success Stories

Learn how our strategic approach and implementation has helped these companies build brand awareness and connect marketing to sales.

Lead Generation

233% Increase in Leads


Lead Generation

233% Increase in Leads

Lead Generation

Manufacturer Targeting Small Niche Audience Averages 300 Website Leads/Year


Lead Generation

Manufacturer Targeting Small Niche Audience Averages 300 Website Leads/Year

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