Marcum Strategic Marketing

Marcum Strategic Marketing is an award-winning, full-service marketing and digital agency that delivers proactive marketing solutions for businesses and professional service firms across the country. A division of Marcum LLP, our service focus – covering strategic planning, branding, web design and development, and inbound/digital marketing – helps clients build awareness and brand preference in the markets they serve and drive leads that boost revenues.

Our Roots

Prior to our merger with Marcum LLP in 2019, we were Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing— a division of the CPA, business and financial advisory firm, Skoda Minotti. We began as Skoda’s internal marketing department in 2006, but shortly after rebranding the firm, clients began inquiring about our availability to help them do the same for their businesses. It was not too soon after that, our agency was born.

Over the years, our team quickly grew to include a full complement of marketing service professionals, including brand developers, art directors, copywriters, front and back-end coders, web designers, PR specialists and digital marketing experts. Today, as part of Marcum LLP, we continue to provide proactive marketing solutions for businesses and professional service firms across the country. However in doing so, our clients are not only hiring our team of strategic marketing advisors, they are also gaining access to the collective business advisory expertise of all of Marcum LLP, one of the largest independent public accounting and business advisory service firms in the nation.

Our Value to You

So what sets us apart from other marketing firms? First, we are focused on working with B2B companies and CPA and professional service firms. We add value to all of our clients in the following ways:

  • Partners for the long-term. We practice a strategic approach to problem solving. If you're just looking for a one-off postcard or sell sheet, there are plenty of other firms that can do a perfectly fine job for you. We want to understand your business and determine what strategies really make the most sense for you before jumping headfirst into tactics.

  • We ask the tough questions. When you sit down for your first meeting with us, we'll make you think about your business in different ways than you have in the past. These are the questions that other marketing agencies should be asking but likely are not.

  • Full business advisory firm. When you partner with Marcum Strategic Marketing, you're not only getting a marketing partner, but a true business advisory partner. We'd bet that other marketing firms couldn't tell you about the benefits you could achieve from a cost segregation study. We've got a guy for that. And now, you will too. In fact, you have full access to more than 2,300 business advisory professionals across the country that can help you grow your business no matter where your business it is in its lifecycle. From startup to successional planning and everything in between, we have you covered.

Mission Statement

We will connect our clients’ brands to their customers through creative, strategic and results-driven marketing processes that will increase brand recognition, build customer loyalty and drive sales over the long-term.

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